Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas in particular, are ideal places to balance the organism. Del Pilar Ollantaytambo has created a range of massages with different techniques, in order to achieve the goal of each of its guests

Our specialists trained in each technique of massage will make you feel an incomparable relaxation and relief. Also, our air-conditioned environments are accompanied by delicious aromas, soft music.

Massages have multiple benefits:

  • Relieves muscle aches.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Improves muscle flexibility.
  • Relax.
  • Relieves psycho-physical stress.

Know each of the techniques of massages that we have, reserve and enjoy in a cozy atmosphere.

This massage works in depth the whole muscular system of the body, by wxerting a strong pressure in the muscle tissue. We use the hands, fingers and elbows to  release  tension, and achieve  a deep state of relaxation.

Two people at the same time can enjoy a De – stress massage each with their own therapist, working at recovering flexibility and deeply relaxing the guest. Massage works on problem areas and consists of passive stretching and  applied pressure, helping to restore your physical, mental and emotional balance.

This is classic soothink experience: first a relaxing foot bath, with Salt and natural herbs, followed by  a foot exfolation and your Reflexology Treatment.

Reflexology is the principle that all the parts of the body are located in the feet and by stimulating and applying pressure to these  reflex points you can increase blood circulation and  promote  special body and muscular functions.

Experience a reconnection with Pachachamama or Mother Earth. Reiki is an ancient energy healing art, using the technique of the laying on of hands. Rei means universal and Ki means energy.

Reiki balances the energy in the body, renewing vitality and bringing about a powerfull feeling of relaxation. It can be used to relieve problems associated with stress, tension, chronic illness and post – operative pain. Reiki Works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. For this treatment it is not necessary to take off any clothes.



Valid from Monday to Sunday


S/ 50




Valid for Peruvians and residents

99 USD



Valid for Peruvians and residents

119 USD



Starting at

S /90

per person