Aymuray Ollantaytambo Restaurant

Enjoy a Peruvian gastronomic experience in Cuzco. Our Aymuray restaurant is a warm place to share and feel the experience of our cuisine with friends or family. You will enjoy our various culinary dishes based on Andean organic products taken from our biogarden.

Furthermore, the restaurant has wide windows allowing to have a fantastic view of the Sacred Valley. Contemplate this majestic landscape accompanied by delicious dishes like Peruvian ceviche or Lomo Saltado, and of course a toast with our pisco sour so that you enjoy your trip to Cuzco.


As in the ancestral times where the Andean supplies from the privileged land of the Sacred Valley were taken care of by the Incas, we currently have our own biogarden cultivated and preserved by specialists. Keep in mind that you can also visit our biogarden through the mini-tour scheduled without additional costs at the hotel where you will discover the natural ingredients, their aromas, supplementary facts and special care.

  • Maki Aymuray
  • Fresh trout ceviche
  • Causa rellena (Layered Potato Tower) filled with smoked trout

Starting at S/. 30

Call: 51(84) 603-000
  • Ollanta Quinoa Seafood Soup
  • Vegetable cream soup of the day
  • Chicken soup

Starting at S/. 28

Call: 51(84) 603-000
  • Aymuray salad with fresh vegetables from biogarden
  • Caesar salad with panko chicken cubes
  • Caprese salad with local cheese

Starting at S/ 32

Call: 51(84) 603-000
  • Peruvian traditional Lomo Saltado
  • Alpaca medallion served with three pepper sauce accompanied by local potatoes purée and cooked vegetables
  • Napoles-style breast served with oiled fresh pasta.
  • Grilled chicken breast with crunchy french fries and farm salad.
  • Pisco-sauced lomo with french fries and cob kernels.
  • Anticucho-sauced Grilled trout with richoclo.
  • Quinoa Aeropuerto

Starting at S/ 40.

Call: 51(84) 603-000
  • Beef lasagna
  • Vegetarian lasagna
  • Spaghetti, ravioli, fettuccini

Starting at S/. 40.

Call: 51(84) 603-000
TEL.: +51(84) 603-000



Valid for Peruvians and residents

95 USD



Valid for Peruvians and residents

105 USD



Starting at

S /90

per person